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A whale calf – a humpback whale.  She’s boisterous … almost carefree … This is a film about the first year in her life…

She has:
twelve  months to learn the way of whales,
twelve months to learn how to survive in an underwater world ruled by cunning and ruthless predators.

Come on a journey as we follow a mother and calf on their perilous path across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to Alaska and back…

A journey from active volcanic islands bathed in a subtropical sea to the majesty of glaciers and icebergs in icy Alaska …

A journey from fire to ice.


Executive Producer: Stan Esecson
Stan Esecson, Ross Isaacs, Michelle Addington
Director: Ross Isaacs
Michael Bright
Editor: Andy Netley
Produced in association with:
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Pacific Film & Television Commission
National Geographic Television International
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